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Lockout Services

You'd be amazed at some of the things people have called me out to unlock. Not just houses, cars, storage units, lock boxes, etc. But also the ridiculous circumstances in which people get locked out too! One story that comes to mind is a lady who was house sitting for her friend walked out onto the 3rd floor balcony with only her robe and her coffee. as she shut the door behind her she didn't think for a second that it could be locked... but it was! So with no phone (and no clothes) she proceeded to call out for help to anyone who might hear her. Luckily a neighbor who was walking his dog heard her cries for help and called Ben the Locksmith. I was able to rescue her despite the dogs doing their best to scare me away from the front door.

People often ask me if anyone has ever called me out to unlock something that wasn't theirs or to help the steal something. Well the honest answer is YES! Some people think they're sneaky, but its my job to make sure they have the authority to enter. 

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