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Locksmith Services

When people think of what kind of services a locksmith provides they'll usually stop at "unlocking stuff" or "changing locks". But there are a lot more good reasons to call a locksmith than that! Who do you call if your car key breaks in half? Or you dropped your only car key in the lake, never to bee seen again? Lets talk about some others too!


Lockout Service

This may be the most common type of call Locksmiths get. Houses, cars, safes, mailboxes, etc. If it can be locked, then you can be locked out of it!


Rekey Service

Did you regretfully lend a friend a key? Rekeying your locks is the perfect way to secure your home and have piece of mind that nobody can get in with a key EXCEPT YOU! 


Lock Changes /Upgrades

Sometimes things just fall apart or completely stop working. When hardware cannot be repaired, or when its just time to invest in some better locks to secure your home, a lock change is what i will recommend.


Car key / Fob Duplication

Dealership only gave you one key? Your toddler tossed your spares in the garbage? Having a locksmith make a spare key is typically less expensive than the dealership, and is ALWAYS more convenient!


lost, or broken car keys

You know your dad always told you to keep a spare key somewhere safe, but you didn't do it! Now your keys are gone and you're "stuck like Chuck"! This is a very common occurrence and the best call you can make is to Ben the Locksmith.


Electronic keypads

Keypad locks are growing in popularity, and for good reason! Why would you trust your teenager or dog sitter with physical keys when you can just give them a code? There's basically no reason at all. Besides, pulling your key out to unlock the door is like living in the stone-age!


Commercial Services

Locks are just done differently for businesses, with a lot more types of hardware and applications. Panic bars, door closers, mortise locks, storefronts, mag locks, access control, masterkey systems, and more!


Fresh Installations

Why doesn't my front door have a deadbolt? It could be for many reasons, but that's irrelevant. The fact is that without a deadbolt your doors are significantly less secure than they should be. A good locksmith will add what you need to any door and it will look like it was there all along.


Striker Plate Adjustment / Upgrades

A very common call for a locksmith to get is someones door doesn't latch or lock anymore. This is probably due to a shifting foundation or quick and extreme weather and humidity changes. The strike plate is the most important aspect of a lock and if its not done right then your door isn't truly locked!


Car Ignition lock repair

Have you ever borrowed a friends car and they tell you that "you gotta wiggle the key to get it to turn"? Well sometimes wiggling will only get you so far and after months of the problem getting progressively worse, it has finally turned for the very last time. Definitely call a locksmith instead of a tow truck.


Peep holes / door viewers

One of the most overlooked basic home security standard is the peep hole. Never open the door for strangers and don't rely on little chain locks. If a suspicious person comes knocking, you need to be able to see them so you can describe them to the police!


Home security audits

Find out the vulnerabilities of your home, particularly your doors. Are you good on the BIG 10 BASIC HOME SECURITY STANDARDS? Lets find out!

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of my work is done personally to the same set of high standards by Ben the Locksmith. I offer a 90 day guarantee on everything I sell and every service I provide.

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