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Commercial Services

Commercial service is a whole different beast when it comes to hardware and the ways to lock things up, and are much more broad than residential or automotive services. Certain levels of security can require more licensing based on the type of hardware that's being serviced or installed. The prices of hardware can skyrocket and the labor becomes more in depth. But most of that's for bigger businesses that are gearing more towards keyless / access control than ever before. And as the technology improves, the prices fall on the older, but mostly still great hardware and methods, for all of the smaller businesses to take advantage of nowadays. And I'm very happy to offer a wide array of those "old school" commercial lock solutions.

Mortise locks / storefronts
Exit devices / Panic bars
Master key systems
Interchangeable (IC) Cores
Door closers
Push / kick plates
Trilogy & Simplex keypad locks
Surface bolts / flush bolts
Alarm locks
And much more!

The most interesting and fun thing on that list to do is master key systems. This is when I get to design a key system based on a tier of accessibility to make every single key to only be able to unlock the doors in which they have granted access to. This starts with the "master" key, that unlocks any and every door in, let's say an office building. After that we would move down the line to a Superintendent, who's key would operate all of the necessary doors to properly do his job, and maybe would only be restricted from entering the owners of the buildings personal office, so his key would work every door except that one. Next in the line would be maybe a cleaning service who comes in once a week. Their key would get into the front door and the utility closet, but they can't get into the server room which contains expensive equipment. Eventually we get to one guy who rents a little office space in a building and his key doesn't need to work anything except the front door, and his personal office, same goes for the rest of the tenants.

A question that I get that I kinda always laugh at is " isn't there like a master key that unlocks anything?". That's a common misconception, when someone thinks of a skeleton key or a master key, especially as a kid, they aren't thinking about a meticulous design within a finite system, they think "wow, a key that can open anything!"

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