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Fresh Installations  & Custom Lock Jobs

By far the most common item missing from what I call the "big 10" of basic home security standards is the blind deadbolt. It is the best security you can have on your entry doors that you most likely don't have. I could go on and on about it, and I did on the HOME SECURITY AUDIT page, go check it out! The reason I bring it up here is because to get one, you probably need to drill some holes in your door. This would be called a fresh installation. This is something that I have pretty much perfected in my may years of locksmithing. When done properly it looks almost if it was there from the start, no cuts, scratches, or gaps... and a smoothly working latch when it's mounted and screwed on tight.

Anytime a new hole needs to be made for a lock it should be done with care and precision. This goes for any sort of retrofitting locks on something that wasn't made to lock, and that would fall under "custom lock job". This type of work presents different types of challenges and if you know anything about me, I love a good challenge!

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